Fax 2 Email

Making Legacy Technology Easier

Managing Fax Solutions can be a real pain and we understand that. To make it easier for our clients we have built a custom Fax 2 Email Solution that allows you to bring ease back to managing Fax Services.

Easy Setup

Our Fax to Email Service can be setup on a DID by simply selecting “Fax 2 Email” as your Inbound Route and entering the Destination Email

Your Brand

With our Customisation Services, you can add your Brand to the emails received by your Customers, including using your own Domain.

Email 2 Fax

We also offer Branded Email to Fax Solutions, allowing you to easily offer 2 Way Fax Solutions to your Customers. No systems to setup.


No Receiving Fees

Why should you pay to receive a fax when you don’t pay to receive a call? We don’t charge any extra to use our Fax to Email Solution.

Learn More

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